Contoh Soal Singular dan Plural Nouns

Noun (noun) is one part of the word ( part of speech ) in English . In this session, we will look at examples of singular and plural nouns. The meaning of the singular itself is  singular  while the plural is  plural.

In everyday language, singular is single (one) while plural is more than one (many). Here we will specifically discuss examples of singular and plural nouns, namely regular singular and plural nouns (regular singular and plural nouns).

Examples of Singular and Plural Nouns Questions

What is meant by a regular noun? Order here is to have the same pattern in forming plural nouns by adding  s, es, and ies . Let’s look at how to make singular into plural nouns one by one.

1# Words ending with consonant + s


girl –> girl ‘s
School –> School ‘s
Book –> Book ‘s
Cat –> Cat ‘s

2# Words ending in  s, x, ch, sh, and z + es

Class –> Class ice
Box –> Box ice
Watch –> Watch ice
Brush –> Brush ice
Buzz –> Buzz ice

3# Words ending in y –> i + es

Victory — > Victor ies
Baby — > Bab ies
Lady — > Lad ies
Story — > Stor ies

4# Words ending in f — > v + es

Wife — > Wi ves
Knife — > Kni ves
Thief — > Thieves

The following are examples of singular and plural nouns

1# Examples of singular nouns questions

  • My friend is doing English exercises.
  • The dog is eating a bone.
  • The thief has been arrested.
  • I have a good story .
  • There is a wild fox in the forest.
  • The class will be started at 7.
  • This watch is expensive.

2# Examples of plural noun questions

  • My friends  are doing English exercises.
  • The dogs  are eating bones.
  • The thieves  have been arrested.
  • I have some good stories .
  • There are many wild foxes in the forest.
  • The classes will be started at 7.
  • These  watches  are expensive.

Some of the sentences in the example of plural nouns have changed grammatically because plural nouns use to be /auxiliary are and have.

In the next post, we will go into examples of irregular singular and plural questions (irregular nouns). Look forward to the next post.

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