Free Google Ads Promotional Coupon Code

Free Google Ads Promotional Coupon Code [Kupon Google ads gratis]

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Google ads (previously Google Adwords, effetive per July 24, 2018) is a great digital marketing tool to advertise any kind of business you are running nowadays. This free google ads promotional coupon code will bring fantastic visitors to your lovely business.

Google ads coupon code for new advertisers

Are you a new advertiser? If yes then this free google ads promotional coupon code is right for you to use that’s still active until June 2020. What you need to do is just activate the code on your Google Ads account.

Google Ads has become a great digital marketing to increase the volume of your business target and to attract more visitors to your business website. It doesn’t matter what business you are running, when visitors visit your website, you are making a great profit.

How to get traffic to a website

As you know, there are two ways how to get traffic to your websites. First, free traffic or we call SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This great way needs a deep knowledge how to apply to your website and of course, this is not instant and you have to have SEO strategy how to put your website on Google top search.

Second, paid traffic or we call SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Google ads or google adwords is a part of SEM where we can get traffic by paying the service to Google which gives us unlimited visitors as we want as long as we can pay for that service.

The example of ads on Google search engine

Million people around the world have used this service to get traffic to their websites. Here is the ads example of Google ads;

Free Google Ads Promotional Coupon Code

One keyword “free seo tool” will display an accurate ads to the visitors what they are looking for. This Google ads will help many users to fulfill their need and will also increase their website traffic and products sale or service on their site.

Free Google Ads Promotional Coupon Code

This “seo wp themes” keyword will display related ads of any seo wordpress themes.

It’s effective to use SEM (search engine marketing) or paid traffic that Google provides. You might want to start advertising your products or service by using Google ads. I am getting this free google ads promotional coupon code for you today.

Free Google Ads Promotional Coupon Code

You can now try to use the free google ads promotional coupon code for your starting ads. Remember, this Google adwords coupon will only be applied for those who start advertising for the first time per account.

Feel free to use the code below;

  • Google ads coupon code : CU4FK-FAGML-7RV6
  • Coupon expire : June 30, 2020

If the Google ads coupon above can no longer be applied, someone may have used it.

*The coupon available with a billing address in Indonesia only.

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